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The Hunt

All is dark. I stand on one of the flightless' wings, waiting for them to let the light come opon me. A while later, the light does come. I see
my target. A brown-grey wolf, no larger than me. I let the wind take me torward my prey. I fly only a short distance, and i circle above the wolf.
"Fly away,you will die." he says. I screech against this pitiful plea.  I dive, talons stretched.

The battle lasts only a few seconds. I screech and tumble around with the wolf, seeing every flaw and using it to my advantage. The wolf
cries in agony as it tries to escape my determination, wrestling all he can to break free of my grip. I peck at his eyes, and rip at his flesh.

"Never shall I die, I am the wolf!" He whimpers as I end his life. "You are mortal, just like me and the flightless. You shall die just as you were
born, mortal to this earth, sky, and wind." I call. Nature is a cruel thing, but I felt no sorrow for this killer. I peck and rip at his fur, in the same
manner i would prepare a meal. A flightless comes, and offers food in his wing, much softer and without skin.  I rip and peck at it instead of the dead wolf, I have done my part of the hunt.
I've been seeing a lot of wolfaboos lately rant about how hunting with eagles is torturing the wolves. they say a lot of things like:
"poor wolves i hate freakin eagles! :( "
"Barbaric and stupid"
"This is just impossible, eagles can΄t beat wolfs, why dont they show a complete video of the fight. It would mean that eagles can kill humans because a wolf can easily kill us."

I love how these wolfaboos don't know that adult eagles are about the size of a small grey wolf. I MEAN SERIOUSLY.
70–84 centimeters (27.6–33.1 in) in length, has a wingspan of 185–220 centimeters (72.8–86.6 in), and weighs 3,000–6,125 grams (105.8–216.1 oz)
really. These birds are not tiny, small, or stupid.
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February 2, 2011
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